Benefits With Friends

by American Money



I devoted a lot of time
To figuring out what it was you want from me
I guess that's too complicated baby
Every day you would pull me closer
And every week you would cut me free
It's too much self-gratification for me

But you change direction too easily
You get carried away like a leaf on the breeze
I don't understand it, I don't understand it
I should just expect it, I should just accept it

Yeah I know we discussed the terms
But keeping it shallow can run so deep
Well that's something you can do in your sleep
I never wanted to be excluded
But I never told you what you could do
Maybe that was too oppressive for you

I would like to know what it is i could say
To get you back when i pushed you away
We are like magnets but in the wrong way
I don't understand it, I don't understand it

Is this farewell? We'll have to see
Is this goodbye, my F.W.B.?

I think you are special, I thought we made sense
But everything "fun" has to come to an end
I should just expect that from benefits with friends
Still don't understand it but I can accept it

This is farewell, just wait and see
I kiss you goodbye, my F.W.B.

Well as much as you mean to me
For now I'm going to just let you be.


released February 8, 2016
Nic- vocals, guitar, bass, drums, recording, mixing, hamfistedly trying to promote it on social media
Nobody else- anything.


tags: rock rock Sydney


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American Money Sydney, Australia

Songs of self belief and self doubt.

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