Boys Like You

by American Money



Boys like you
Across the street they stop to stare at you
And though i know you're not aware they do, it's definitely true
That boys like you

That boy likes you
He's interested in the things you do
Yes he'll convince you to believe that too, though it's not entirely true
That he likes just you,
You see he likes boys too

You don't need 20/20 vision to see
That boys like like you more than 'girls' like me
I guess he'll figure it out eventually

Boys like you
They like your dresses and your makeup too
And though I'm sure your not aware they do
It's unquestionably true that boys like you

I saw you in the change room today
Our eyes they locked then you looked away
It seemed there was something you wanted to say
But it's too awks to try to talk to

Boys like me
We have to handle ourselves differently
Cause we are fishing in a different sea, it's not as easy to see
When boys like me

Boys like you
You care too much what people think of you
But then you take your cake and eat it too
It's so easy to do for boys like you
You know he likes boys too
Won't you accept it's true
You know i've had him too
But boys like you.


released May 13, 2016


tags: rock Sydney


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American Money Sydney, Australia

Songs of self belief and self doubt.

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